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Reflections With Horses: An Exploration in Self Care


This "for all levels" course is designed for anyone curious about or currently practicing equine-facilitated learning ( EFL) or equine-facilitated wellness ( EFW). You will explore mindfulness, self-care, leadership, and goal-setting with guidance from your horses. This unique approach allows you to connect with these sensitive animals while delving into personal growth and development. In six modules, you will gain valuable insights and skills through interactive exercises to cultivate mindfulness and explore self-care and leading. The final module combines the previous modules into setting self-care goals and practices. Join us for an online experience that combines equine wisdom with personal empowerment. Enjoy a journey of self-discovery and growth today! You must have access to a "safe" horse, a horse you feel safe and secure working with that you can tie, brush, and lead. If you do not have horse experience and want to take this course it is strongly recommended that an experienced horse person work with you. A journal and pen are also required for reflection exercises.

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