The Nursing Profession is in Crisis.

Equine Facilitated Practitioners, it's time to step up and nurse the nurses.

You and your horses are being called to do your part to support nurses!




EFL Practitioners: We Have a Problem...

the pandemic has challenged the nursing profession.

EFL practitioner, this is where you come in.  EFL Practitioners have also suffered during the pandemic with frustration, closure, and loss of income. This is your time to bring the healing power of horses to nurses- to heal the healers with  How to Run and Equine Facilitated Program to Support  Nurses.

These last three years have been extraordinary times for the nursing profession. Nurses have answered the call to step forward like never before in caring for pandemic patients in healthcare systems worldwide that were already struggling.

This has come at a great cost to their health and well-being. Nurses have faced fear, redeployment, harassment, burnout, distress, anger, isolation, and shame.

This frustrates me, so I have chosen to do something  different.. I could continue to serve nurses the same way as I always had, or use this opportunity to innovate and find a new way to help nurses.

I  have a passion and a commitment to empowering nurses, and at the same time want to help other EFL practitioners recover from the pandemic.


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EFL Practitioners: Answer the Call

Even though nurses learn a lot with me during the workshops, I feel compelled to do more.

But there was one big problem...

I can't be everywhere.

I saw a need for others to learn how to help nurses with their fear, burnout, anger, shame, and frustration.

I launched a  program to share what I have learned over the last 8  years of providing equine-facilitated workshops for empowering nurses and helping nurses build resiliency to survive in the most challenging work environments.

And then...

I discovered that other EFL practitioners welcomed the concept of helping nurses and developing a new revenue stream for their practice. 

There is a huge need for education and support for nurses -- the type of education and support I wish I'd had eighteen years ago when I started my career. The type of support that is needed as we near the end of the pandemic. The world needs nurses, and you can help.

As an equine-facilitated practitioner, you know the healing power of horses -- an innovative, creative, and powerful modality that is now being called to step forward to help with the aftermath of this pandemic.

This is your chance to empower, inspire and help restore the  healing power of nurses... to heal the healer.


This program is for you if...

You are passionate about empowering and inspiring nurses.

You are ready to add a new area of expertise to your existing EFL Practitioner Program.

You are ready to develop a new revenue stream for your practice.


Not accepting applications at this time


Nurses are facing more challenges than they ever have in an environment that we have never experienced before - L. Langfitt



 Nurses are Experiencing...

  • Under appreciation
  • Poor job satisfaction
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Anger
  • Burnout
  • Frustration
  • Poor work-life balance 
  • Physical and mental exhaustion
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Nurses Need to Experience...

  • Appreciation
  • Empowerment
  • Inspiration
  • Self-Compassion
  • Connection
  • Support 
  • Rest

How to Run an  Equine-Assisted Program to Support  Nurses

This online program in a box includes:

  • Self-paced learning modules 
  • Tools to enhance your facilitator skills
  • 3 private coaching sessions
  • Multiple templates for running your programs
  • Evidence-based research tools
  • A deep look into the nursing profession to enable you to connect  and understand the unique stressors that nurses face
  • All the information you need to develop your customized program to support the health and well being of Nurses... and more!

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Course Reviews

"Thank you for developing this wonderful course.  It was informative, easy to navigate and provided a great level of detail and background.  The opportunity to chat with you personally at key points along the way was also very valuable.  You are extremely gracious in sharing your knowledge, experience and content to the full extent.  The course has certainly given me the confidence to hit the ground running.  Thank you for offering this course and for all that you do in supporting the wonderful work of Nurses."

                                                                                       - Amanda Gunn  Whispers of Wisdom

Who is Dragonfly Meadows...

I'm Jennifer Kirk, Registered Nurse, equine-facilitated practitioner, and the founder of Dragonfly Meadows, offering  Equine Facilitated Learning workshops for nurses and other professional caregivers since 2014.          


 Possibly like you, I came into EFL as part of my healing journey. I had my first Equine Facilitated Learning Experience in 2012 and was captivated. I knew wanted to figure out a way to bring horses and nurses together. I had a huge "A-ha" moment when...


 I read an article on Compassion Fatigue in a magazine... I read it and I thought "That's me.. I am too tired to care".

I offered my first workshop in 2014, I was definitely on to something.....

Nursing tends to be a well-respected profession and there are many wonderful aspects to it but it also has its challenges. It is after all the profession known for "eating their young".

Throughout my career, I have personally experienced low morale, burnout, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, moral injury, bullying, poor work-life balance, and general dis-empowerment. With the help of a  wonderful mental health professional who provided equine therapy and EMDR, horses have helped me heal and be able to continue to work in the profession.

Covid -19 has decimated the nursing profession. I fear what the fallout will be for nurses working worldwide...

I have been inspired to develop this program for other equine facilitated practitioners to support nurses.  This has been a work in progress for quite some time, and I am proud of this course.

Be prepared to run your first workshop for Nurses in  6 weeks!



The program is 6 modules and students have lifetime access to the content- including all future updates.


The program is self-paced, essentially it's up to you. Ideally, you would complete 2 hrs a week on the program.


 6 Self-paced learning modules

  • Tools to enhance your facilitator skills
  • 3 private coaching sessions
  • Multiple  templates for running your programs
  • Evidence-based research tools
  • A deep look into the nursing profession to enable you to  connect  and understand the unique stressors that nurses face
  • All the training you need to develop your customized program to support the health and well being of Nurses


Fill out the application form, and we can take it from there.


You must be enrolled in an EFL program or completed an EFL  program.  The reason for this is that you should have a foundation in working with horses and people.  Your certification is your foundation in building your program.